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02/19/18 at 15:02:50
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Head Rests (Read 167 times)
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Head Rests
08/13/17 at 10:26:59
is it possible that my A12 Super Bee did not come with head rests ??? its a bench seat car.
its not on the build sheet.
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Re: Head Rests
Reply #1 - 08/13/17 at 14:58:04
Not possible...all A12 have headrests.  
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Re: Head Rests
Reply #2 - 08/13/17 at 22:14:16
As of January 1, 1969, Federal safety requirements mandated all manufacturers have headrests as standard equipment.  All A12's were build after this date, hence all have headrests.
Build sheets prior to this date with headrests chosen as an option will have a 31 in the headrest box on line 6 and usually have a "HEADREST" stamped at the bottom of the buildsheet.  After this date, all seats had the headrests hence no code is present on the buildsheets.
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